White + Global Rugs


I love a super white, bright and airy, modern room as much as the next gal, but sometimes it can start to feel a little clinical. The easiest way to make any room cozier is by adding a plush rug and adding a global print to these kinds of settings feels so fresh.


I love the interesting aesthetic combination between bohemian and modern. Turkish or Persian antique-inspired rugs have big, bold prints and often come in rich blues, pinks, and reds. They look great layered over a light wood floor or going for pattern-on-pattern on top of tile.


They make any room look instantly homier whether its the bathroom, kitchen, or living room and they’re even a great idea to liven up an otherwise neutral hallway. Global rugs pair also well with naturalistic pieces as in the photo above. Also, how drool-worthy is that deep blue velvet couch? Want.




Linens ‘N Bed Things

To me, texture is just as important, if not more important, than color. Give me a minimalist item in a neutral color with a fabulous texture and I’m done. Naturally, I’m a sucker for linen.


Easily crinkled, it has more character when it gets a little messy — perfect for me because I tend to be lazy and rarely make my bed. Continue reading