Vinyl Fantasy


Right now, it feels like everywhere I turn, one of my favorite style-inspirers is demonstrating how to rock vinyl pants. The goddess herself, Giselle, made them look downright casual during a talk show appearance. I’ve heard them referred to as ‘patent-leather’, but all I can think about when I see these babies are their more punk rock roots. Squeaky, skin-tight, liquid-y and shiny,  there’s nothing that says the ’80s are back more than the vinyl pant. However, they’re best styled in ways that bring them into the present.


This upcoming season is all about statement trousers and vinyl pants or leggings are so versatile they’re pretty much a new basic like leather trousers. In fact, I would style them the same way I style my favorite pair of leather trousers – either offset their edge with a flowy blouse or make them completely casual with a basic. Sure, you can go ahead and pair them with a bodysuit for an ultra-sexy night out, but I love them just as much during the day with a sweater or graphic tee.


My least favorite thing to hear from a friend when it comes to fashion is hearing someone profess their love for a style and then say “…but I could never pull it off”. Of course you can! Who is stopping you but yourself? If you like something, there is always a way to make it fit your own style. The very fact that you like it makes it your style.