Got It Bad – Leisure


Confession time. I just heard this song on my favorite guilty pleasure TV show, Shadowhunters. Over the years, the biggest influence on my taste in music absolutely has to be the TV shows that I’ve watched (thanks Gossip Girl!). There are so many bands that I may have never heard of if I hadn’t heard their music on one of my favorite shows or at the very least, I may have found them much late in life than I did. A lot of the time music is playing in the background on a show and it’s not put there to divert your attention away from the scene but to add to the atmosphere or mood. Sometimes though, a great song is featured prominently and when it catches my ear I either try to identify it immediately with an audio recognition app like Shazam or SoundHound or wait until after the show to find it on a website that identifies music from TV and movies. I did just that when I heard this song and have been listening to it blissfully ever since.


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