Matter of Time – Surfer Blood

I wish I could remember how I first came across Surfer Blood because that moment must have been magical. All I know is that the song ‘Floating Vibes’ was the first song I ever heard by them and it remains one of my favorite songs to this day.

I went through a phase in college where all I listened to was hazy garage and surf rock/pop – never mind the fact that I was going to school in Wisconsin. Surfer Blood fell in that category, coming out of West Palm Beach, Florida and sounding like they just stepped off the beach and into their parents’ garage to jam with each other. My love was heightened when they played a free show at my school and I was embarrassingly singing my heart out at the front of a crowd of about 20 people.

Years later, they’ve now releasing their fourth album, Snowdonia, with a bit of a new sound after the sad passing of their guitarist last year at only 27 years old. A little older, a little more melancholy, but still exciting and a little gritty all while having delicate vocal melodies and harmonies. Enjoy!

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