Got It Bad – Leisure


Confession time. I just heard this song on my favorite guilty pleasure TV show, Shadowhunters. Over the years, the biggest influence on my taste in music absolutely has to be the TV shows that I’ve watched (thanks Gossip Girl!). There are so many bands that I may have never heard of if I hadn’t heard their music on one of my favorite shows or at the very least, I may have found them much late in life than I did. A lot of the time music is playing in the background on a show and it’s not put there to divert your attention away from the scene but to add to the atmosphere or mood. Sometimes though, a great song is featured prominently and when it catches my ear I either try to identify it immediately with an audio recognition app like Shazam or SoundHound or wait until after the show to find it on a website that identifies music from TV and movies. I did just that when I heard this song and have been listening to it blissfully ever since.


Vinyl Fantasy


Right now, it feels like everywhere I turn, one of my favorite style-inspirers is demonstrating how to rock vinyl pants. The goddess herself, Giselle, made them look downright casual during a talk show appearance. I’ve heard them referred to as ‘patent-leather’, but all I can think about when I see these babies are their more punk rock roots. Squeaky, skin-tight, liquid-y and shiny,  there’s nothing that says the ’80s are back more than the vinyl pant. However, they’re best styled in ways that bring them into the present.


This upcoming season is all about statement trousers and vinyl pants or leggings are so versatile they’re pretty much a new basic like leather trousers. In fact, I would style them the same way I style my favorite pair of leather trousers – either offset their edge with a flowy blouse or make them completely casual with a basic. Sure, you can go ahead and pair them with a bodysuit for an ultra-sexy night out, but I love them just as much during the day with a sweater or graphic tee.


My least favorite thing to hear from a friend when it comes to fashion is hearing someone profess their love for a style and then say “…but I could never pull it off”. Of course you can! Who is stopping you but yourself? If you like something, there is always a way to make it fit your own style. The very fact that you like it makes it your style.

Matter of Time – Surfer Blood

I wish I could remember how I first came across Surfer Blood because that moment must have been magical. All I know is that the song ‘Floating Vibes’ was the first song I ever heard by them and it remains one of my favorite songs to this day.

I went through a phase in college where all I listened to was hazy garage and surf rock/pop – never mind the fact that I was going to school in Wisconsin. Surfer Blood fell in that category, coming out of West Palm Beach, Florida and sounding like they just stepped off the beach and into their parents’ garage to jam with each other. My love was heightened when they played a free show at my school and I was embarrassingly singing my heart out at the front of a crowd of about 20 people.

Years later, they’ve now releasing their fourth album, Snowdonia, with a bit of a new sound after the sad passing of their guitarist last year at only 27 years old. A little older, a little more melancholy, but still exciting and a little gritty all while having delicate vocal melodies and harmonies. Enjoy!

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White + Global Rugs


I love a super white, bright and airy, modern room as much as the next gal, but sometimes it can start to feel a little clinical. The easiest way to make any room cozier is by adding a plush rug and adding a global print to these kinds of settings feels so fresh.


I love the interesting aesthetic combination between bohemian and modern. Turkish or Persian antique-inspired rugs have big, bold prints and often come in rich blues, pinks, and reds. They look great layered over a light wood floor or going for pattern-on-pattern on top of tile.


They make any room look instantly homier whether its the bathroom, kitchen, or living room and they’re even a great idea to liven up an otherwise neutral hallway. Global rugs pair also well with naturalistic pieces as in the photo above. Also, how drool-worthy is that deep blue velvet couch? Want.



You Don’t Get Me High Anymore – Phantogram

The first time I ever heard a Phantogram song was at a Phantogram show.

I was at Lollapalooza with my best friend, who was already a big fan and wanted to see them. Their singer, Sarah Barthel, was dressed in all black despite the ninety degree heat and sported a jet black bob with blunt bangs. Their songs had a huge, heavy beat with airy vocals and catchy hooks. I instantly loved them.

This is the first single from their new album, Three, due out September 16th. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album and I’ll definitely be seeing them when they come to New York in October.